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Welcome to Professional Gamblers. 

The Life of a Professional Gambler is a subject which intrigues both regular punters and the wider population. 

They often ask: ”Do people really make a living from gambling?” 

The answer is yes. It’s far from an easy lifestyle, but a number of professional gamblers have made millions from their skills, defying the odds. 

Gambling has always been a part of human life. The comical thought of two cavemen betting on the result of prehistoric flies crawling up a wall. A chalk line detailing win or loss! In ways, so little has changed!

You may have read about legendary gamblers such as Alex Bird or Phil Bull, his knowledge still lives on in Time Form. 

My name is Jason Coote, an online entrepreneur and full-time gambler. I’ve made my betting pay for over a decade within the niche of two-year-old horse racing. I am far from a crazy gambler. In fact, my strength is that I don’t like gambling at all. I bet because long term I am confident I will make a profit. This understanding has literally taken a lifetime to learn. The intriguing part about gambling is that you don’t have to be the best punter in the world to make your betting pay – just a little better than most. 

There is no right or wrong when it comes to being a successful gambler. Because someone, somewhere, is making their betting pay. It may be a regular sport or some obscure niche. Who would have thought some people bet on the weather and I’m not just talking about a white Christmas. One thing you can guarantee, they worked very hard to understand something that gives them an edge over the opposition (layers). 

Professional gambler stories make a very interesting read. Their anecdotes capture the mind. Gamblers follow a path divided by success and failure, hopes and dreams. They live a life where the money can be won and loss on the turning of a card. 

This website details stories of professional gamblers from horse racing, poker, football, tennis to the obscure. Stories from retro pro gamblers of yesteryear to those of this modern age and, hopefully, a few gamblers plying their trade this week, month or year.

You can bet their stories will capture your mind. 

Good luck to all.