Don’t You Love to Snoop at the Casino?



I don’t go to many brick and mortar casinos. In general, I like to play online because it is simple, efficient and it doesn’t cost me £100 to travel to the venue or mean paying for a hotel. For that reason, I like to enjoy the best online casinos

However, there is something tantalising about going to a casino because you know someone is going to catch your eye.  

I’ve been to Great Yarmouth Grosvenor Casino, which can be found on the Norfolk coast of the United Kingdom. Like many tourist spots, it is a little bit tacky and rough around the edges. However, I love the place because we used to go to Caister-on-sea, a small village a stone’s throw from Yarmouth and stay at Haven Caravan Park.

I’m sure that’s where I got into gambling. I used to love playing this old Jennings Indian Head one-armed bandit. I was probably about nine or ten (a 70s child) and this amazing-looking machine was on the edge of being a collectible then. To be fair, I was more interested in putting in coin after coin, and seeing if I won, even more, two pences than I put in. 

Looking back, those times were so sweet and sincere. They were more innocent even though I was a budding gambler. I guess most children in these modern times are told not to gamble. However, my mum and dad were very liberal about it all and had little concern about us becoming compulsive gamblers. 

In fact, I think it was the best thing they ever did because I now look at slots or conventional fruit machines with contempt. Also, losing a pound’s worth of two pences is a lot easier to stomach than betting a couple of quid a time – or worse. 

What I enjoy most about going to the casino is people watching. Of all places, this is the ideal location because you simply don’t (or do) not know who you are looking at. A little bit of snooping never did anyone any harm. Especially as the people under the microscope don’t have an idea they are the latest characters in the next James Bond. Ok, it’s all in my imagination.

Isn’t that the best form of entertainment?

The reason why a casino is such a good place to observe (covertly) is that the rich and the desperately poor rub shoulders. It’s like Diamonique meets The Queen Jewels. And the conversations the two have or just the looks that each pass is worth a million dollars. 

I remember watching someone like me (a common or garden bloke who was a touch rough around the edges) chatting to some old dear who must have walked the rich path of life. Her nose tilted upwards just enough to present herself as Sudo royalty. 

I watched the conversation ensue of common bloke and the posh bird which started and finished in a matter of minutes. The old lady took flight as her senses were baffled by a string of blue words and choice dialogue which was kind and pleasant but uncensored. 

This all happened in the bar, that resembled a mansion. It was a mansion but it had been turned into a casino. 

That is just one of many observations. 

However, I will save the others for another day.